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Great Book!!! Excellent way to take the anxiety off your kid from fear of going to school for the first time. I loved the idea of providing an actual heart for your kid to keep and bring with him to school. I hope the author publishes more books like this in the future.

Mario Gonzáles García

I love that you can personalize the book, that it's bilingual and that it has a little wooden heart kids can hold on to. It's perfectly thought! Love it

Adriana Echeverri

"I LOVE Lion Heart goes to School !!!!!! Is extremely creative and is very original how you interact with your child."

Enrique | Miami Parent

More thank a book, a powerful tool for parents with kids in preschool. Believe me, it works! A must have!! Plus you will experience great bonding time with the kiddos while personalizing the book to their individual situations. And it comes with an adorable wooden heart. Great value!

Ana Maria Thorin

“Transitions can be difficult for children. It is important for parents to give children the tools and ability to get through transitions like a new sibling, new home or a new school. This book is an amazing resource for helping your child transition to school. This book has all the important points that need to be made for a child to understand a new transition: prediction, emotions and individualization of the characters. Use this book a week before they start the new school and within the month of entering school and they will thrive. I love this book!


This book is outstanding! My 8 year old daughter had extreme anxiety for years. She could relate and without negative emotion, she was engaged and entertained! Well done! I recommend for all parent/child duos!

Ethan K | New York

I typically do not write reviews, but had to in this case. I have three young boys, all under the age of eight, and this was an exceptional read. Very well written and extremely useful. It is a book that we will go back to again and again, because it really does strike a personal chord with my young boys.

Michelle Rosamond

Excellent! Really useful for kids with anxiety and fears of being separated from their parents, be it for school or life in general. I recommend it


"This is an outstanding and pretty unique tool. As the author says, it is more than a book. It helps children see through the stress of being "left at school" and gives them a sense of comfort and bravery as they see their OWN story unfold."

Joaquín Parent

"This is a thoughtful and creative book that helps our little ones with the often difficult adjustment of starting school. Each book becomes personalized by cutting out pictures of your child that become the main character in the sweet story."


"I'm a grandfather and an avid reader of children's books to my grandchildren. "Lion Heart" is great! Here's why: it is bi-lingual in an easy, very accessible format. Even more important, it is a new (at least for me) experience in engaging with kids that are approaching the pre-school and kindergarten moment."

Steve H | Texas Grandfather

How to use the book by Caro Mejia.


Lion Heart goes to School

The separation anxiety solution

More than a children’s book.

Lion heart goes to school is a tool aimed at easing the mind of children attending school (or day care) for the first time, coming back after a brake or going through emotional changes.

It is written in both, English and Spanish, and it comes with a wooden heart as a reminder of bravery.

A must-have for kids ages 1 to 5.


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