Lion Heart goes to School

The separation anxiety solution

More than a children’s book, Lion Heart Goes to School is a tool for parents to help their kids transition into school. It comes with a lion heart token, to remind kids of their bravery and give them comfort. This is known as a transitional object, which are considered by psychologists to be an effective defense against separation anxiety. 

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For kids ages 1 to 6.

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About the author

“I spent an entire night creating Lion Heart Goes To School To Reassure my son that going to school is fun, exciting and that I will always be there to bring him back home.” Caro Mejia


Caro Mejía is a Mexican-american journalist with more than 15 years of experience as a news anchor and reporter. She travelled the world for a year doing volunteer work in emerging countries and now lives in Miami with her husband and 2 kids where she writes her travel memoir. Lion heart goes to school is her first children’s book.

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“Transitions can be difficult for children. It is important for parents to give children the tools and ability to get through transitions like a new sibling, new home or a new school. This book is an amazing resource for helping your child transition to school. This book has all the important points that need to be made for a child to understand a new transition: prediction, emotions and individualization of the characters. Use this book a week before they start the new school and within the month of entering school and they will thrive. I love this book!


Lina Acosta Psychotherapist – Development expert – Founder of Stop parenting alone

This book is outstanding! My 8 year old daughter had extreme anxiety for years. She could relate and without negative emotion, she was engaged and entertained! Well done! I recommend for all parent/child duos!

Ethan K | New York

I typically do not write reviews, but had to in this case. I have three young boys, all under the age of eight, and this was an exceptional read. Very well written and extremely useful. It is a book that we will go back to again and again, because it really does strike a personal chord with my young boys.

Michelle Rosamond

about the Wooden Heart

Transitional objects are considered by psychologists to be an effective defense against separation anxiety. The object becomes a symbol of the mother, providing comfort as children transition from dependence to independence.
When I created the book for my son, as he first entered school, I knew I was going to need something that he could take along. Something that would remind him that he is loved and also brave to face his fears.
A heart shaped stone in a drawer of my nightstand was perfect!
The school didn’t allow kids to bring personal objects from home but it didn’t matter because the stone was small enough to be kept in his pocket, close to him to grab whenever he needed it.
Lion Heart Goes to School uses storytelling to create a transitional object that helps children adjust to school. By reading the story to her child, mom imbues the heart token included in the book with emotional meaning. In a way, this allows her to remain with her child after drop-off.


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