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Lion Heart goes to School

The separation anxiety solution

More than a children’s book, Lion Heart Goes to School is a tool for parents to help their kids transition into school. It comes with a lion heart token, to remind kids of their bravery and give them comfort. This is known as a transitional object, which are considered by psychologists to be an effective defense against separation anxiety. 

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For kids ages 1 to 5.

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experts and parents reviews

  • “Transitions can be difficult for children. It is important for parents to give children the tools and ability to get through transitions like a new sibling, new home or a new school. This book is an amazing resource for helping your child transition to school. This book has all the important points that need to be made for a child to understand a new transition: prediction, emotions and individualization of the characters. Use this book a week before they start the new school and within the month of entering school and they will thrive. I love this book!VISIT LINA'S SITE

    Lina Acosta Psychotherapist – Development expert – Founder of Stop parenting alone
  • "I'm a grandfather and an avid reader of children's books to my grandchildren. "Lion Heart" is great! Here's why: it is bi-lingual in an easy, very accessible format. Even more important, it is a new (at least for me) experience in engaging with kids that are approaching the pre-school and kindergarten moment."

    Steve H | Texas Grandfather
  • "I LOVE Lion Heart goes to School !!!!!! Is extremely creative and is very original how you interact with your child."

    Enrique | Miami Parent
  • "This is an outstanding and pretty unique tool. As the author says, it is more than a book. It helps children see through the stress of being "left at school" and gives them a sense of comfort and bravery as they see their OWN story unfold."

    Joaquín Parent

How to use the book by Caro Mejia.

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